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Symbolised Books

Our Symbolised range uses symbols to accompany the text, making them more accessible and enjoyable for those with learning difficulties.

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Victor Frankenstein wants to find out how life begins. After learning as much as he can, he brings something to life. But not just anything, a monster!

When Victor loses the monster, he is scared that something bad will happen. Will the monster be good or evil? Or will Victor lose more than just the monster?

ISBN UK: 9781802633429 ISBN US: 9781782269076

Format: Paperback

RRP UK: £7.99 RRP US: $7.95


Ishmael is looking for an adventure! So, he joins a whaling ship. 
On the ship, Ishmael hears stories of a huge white whale
called Moby Dick.

Ishmael becomes part of the hunt for the dangerous Moby Dick.

Will they stay safe on the ship? Or will everyone get hurt?

ISBN UK: 9781802634853 ISBN US: 9781802630404

Format: Paperback

RRP UK: £7.99 RRP US: $7.95


Dorothy and her dog, Toto, are carried away in a storm. They are taken to the magical Land of Oz.

It’s a place filled with witches, wizards and talking animals! She must follow the Yellow Brick Road to find her way back home. Will she get back home? Or will she get lost in the magical Land of Oz?

ISBN UK: 9781802633436 ISBN US: 9781782269083

Format: Paperback

RRP: £7.99 RRP US: $7.95

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