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Easier Classics

Our Easier Classics range utilises lots of different devices, such as a simplified layout, dyslexia friendly font and glossary terms to ensure that these beloved stories are accessible to all.

An adapted, illustrated and accessible edition of Lewis Carroll’s classic fun and fantastical adventure.

This story follows Alice as her curiosity leads her down into a rabbit hole and into a mysterious and confusing world where animals can talk and eating mushrooms can change your height. Alice must find her way through this weird world to get back home…

ISBN: 9781802633474

Format: Paperback

RRP: £6.99


An adapted, illustrated and accessible edition of Mary Shelley’s timeless classic.

This story follows Victor Frankenstein as he finds out what will happen when he pushes the limits of science too far. After trying to create a human, he creates a frightening monster that will change his life forever…

ISBN UK: 9781802633542 ISBN US: 9781802634815

Format: Paperback

RRP UK: £6.99 RRP US: $7.95

An adapted, illustrated and accessible edition of Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic mystery.

This story follows Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as they explore the mystery of a scary ghost hound. They must solve the mystery of the ghost hound before anyone else gets hurt…

ISBN UK: 9781802633535 ISBN US: 9781802634822

Format: Paperback

RRP UK: £6.99 RRP US: $7.95

An adapted, illustrated and accessible edition of L. Frank Baum’s classic heart-warming tale.

This story follows Dorothy and her dog Toto when their house gets blown away in a storm and lands in the wonderful world of Oz. Dorothy and Toto must follow the yellow brick road on an adventure through Oz to get back home…

ISBN UK: 9781802633450 ISBN US: 9781802634808

Format: Paperback

RRP UK: £6.99 RRP US: $7.95


An adapted, illustrated and accessible edition of Herman Melville's classic and thrilling adventure.

This story follows Ishmael as he joins a ship to become a whale hunter. But it ends up being more dangerous than Ishamel expected when the captain searches for the biggest and wildest whale. Will Ishmail ever return to land?

ISBN UK: 9781802633559 ISBN US: 9781802634792

Format: Paperback

RRP UK: £6.99 RRP US: $7.95

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